How to be More Virgo


We all love reading our horoscopes and getting that little glimpse into ‘what’s to come; but did you know that horoscope signs also have flowers, colors, and symbols associated to them that can further enhance the qualities of your star sign?

This month, we’re focused Virgos, as their star sign reigns supreme from August 23 - September 22.

When Virgos surround themselves with certain colors, flowers and design elements they can start to attract the positive elements into their lives! But, the best part is, even if you are not a Virgo sign, you can still want to reap the benefits of their star sign by following these five easy steps!

  • Surround yourself with shades of blue, specifically dark navy blue hues. This Virgo color is naturally cool and research has proven that the color blue can help you to find peace and serenity. But, beyond that, when Virgos surround themselves with blues it can help them to increase their focus and cooperation.
  • Stay organized! Virgos are known for their meticulousness and their capacity for perfection in everything they do, so it only makes sense for them to stay focused and formulated. Writing to-do lists, prioritizing, and concentrating all help Virgo people stay in their cool and collected disposition!
  • Do Yoga and stay calm! Virgos are known for their capabilities to remain very calm when faced with difficult and stressful situations! Part of that is their innate sensibility to not act quickly when life gets hectic, but to stay level headed and act logically. That may not be easy for all of us to do, but practicing yoga and meditative exercising can help anyone to find their cool.
  • Be open-minded! Virgos can sometimes tend to over analyze and be very critical, so it’s very important for them to look at the bigger picture and not be quick to judge.
  • Surround yourself with flowers! We couldn’t resist to add this as one of the best ways to be more Virgo! Specifically, when a Virgo surrounds themselves with flowers in shades of purple and blue, it can help them to nurture others as well as find new perspectives. Hydrangeas, delphiniums, listianthus and roses are some flowers that are reflective of the Virgo sign! And luckily enough, our Virgo Horoscope Bouquet is the perfect way to begin your journey to becoming more Virgo!

Remember to live each day with flowers and you will surely be living Life In Full Bloom!

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