With Graditude

As we honor our service men and service women today and thank them for their service, we, too, would like to give thanks to you, our devoted Frederique’s Choice customers. It is through your feedback, support, repeat business and your referrals that we’ve seen our first few months of business begin to flourish. It is you, our esteemed customer, who we’d like to thank for planting the seeds.
The most beautiful thing about truly thanking someone is that it creates deeper and more meaningful bonds between people.

A recent research study from the University of North Carolina found that saying thank you goes beyond good manners—it also serves to build and maintain social relationships. According to this study there’s the find-remind-bind theory of gratitude: gratitude starts new friendships (find), orients people to existing social relationships (remind) and promotes existing relationships (bind).
Mastering the art of saying thank you can be broken down into a few easy steps.

1. Say thank you like you mean it. Pause and slow down your speech if you’re saying the words out loud. Reflect for a moment about the person your thanking and the reason you’re saying thanks. When writing a thank you note, be specific about conveying your thanks.

2. Look ‘em in the eye. Your words will have that much more of a greater impact!

3. Use names. If you’re in a store and the shop assistant is wearing a name tag or you’re in a restaurant and your wait person is wearing a name tag or you’re checking in for a flight or into a hotel and those assisting you are wearing a name tag, please address them by name when you thank them. You have no idea how much more sincere your appreciation sounds to their ears!

4. Look for an opportunity to thank others. Any time someone does something for you it’s an opportunity to say thank you. Borrowing a phrase from a recent article we read it’s all about “living your life with an attitude of gratitude.”

5. Say thank you with flowers. Flowers convey gratitude, cheer, exuberance, tranquility, joy and clarity. And the various color of flowers convey a variety of meaning—red roses connotes love and passion and some other red flowers will increase enthusiasm and interest. Yellow flowers signify friendship and is the color of joy. Blue flowers are often associated with calm, tranquility and clarity. Orange flowers stimulate creativity and enlightenment. Purple flowers represent luxury but also spiritual fulfillment and peace of mind. Lastly, white flowers indicate a pureness and thoughtful elegance.
So whether it be saying thank you for your service to a member of the military today or giving thanks to a friend, loved one, colleague or someone who has helped you in some small or large manner, we at Frederique’s Choice, hope you’ll enhance your thank you with flowers. #LifeinFullBloom.

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